Install Webroot Secureanywhere with Keycode

If You have  Webroot SecureAnywhere installed already on your computer and you are facing issues while finding keycode, you can follow these steps to get your keycode easily.

webroot secureanywhere
Webroot SecureAnywhere Installation

To get Windows Personal Computer:

Open up SecureAnywhere and click on the gear icon near My Account.

Input you fresh key-code from the area provided and then click Activate .

To Mac:

Open up the SecureAnywhere port (simply just click on the Webroot icon at the menubar and decide on open up Webroot SecureAnywhere in your dropdown menu).

From the primary window, then click on the gears icon near My Account.

Input you fresh key-code from the area provided and then click Activate.

Notice :  Should you receive an error message if seeking to trigger a brand fresh keycode, then make confident you’ve entered the key-code precisely.  Many times the characters i/1o/0s/5b/8, and others are confused when typing the code in manually.

After triggering a fresh key-code in the email, you’re able to copy and paste the key-code into the SecureAnywhere user interface. To copy and paste the key code, select the complete key-code by means of your mouse, then right-click on the selected key code, then choose copy in your context menu (alternately press Ctrl+C for PC or Command+C for Mac on your keyboard). When prompted to your own key-code, set your cursor from the key-code entrance box, then right-click, and then select paste in your context menu (alternately Ctrl+V for PC or Command+V for MAC).

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