How to start Webroot Installation On Various Devices?

Start protecting your devices from online security threats. Click on the button or if you haven’t already downloaded your security product, to experience a product that installs in seconds, scans in minutes and has no performance impact. Let’s start Webroot Installation guide.
Webroot Setup Installation

PC Installation

Download instructions for your PC desktop and laptop:

  1. Start with making your account on the Webroot Secure Anywhere on-line Portal at which you are able to handle the stability on your app devices and get to your own passwords that are secure.
  2. After clicking Download, simply just click on save your file and make note of where the software file is stored to a PC.
  3. Find the file you’ve stored in the background or at the case you’ve double-click and specified on the file to initiate the setup.
  4. After prompted, put in your key code. It might be located about the rear part of the external packing.
  5. Carry on reading with guidelines as they appear.

Mac Installation

Download instructions for your Mac desktop and laptop:

  1. Down Load the SecureAnywhere installer for your Mac.
  2. Double Click Webroot SecureAnywhere app to start the webroot install.
  3. Drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon into the Application folder.
  4. Open up the Software folder from Double-clicking that the Folder icon.
  5. From the folder, double click on the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon to start activation.
  6. From the Very First activation window, then Put in Your Key-code along with Simply Just Click on the Activate button. Once You Go into the Key-code, then a system instant Inquires in the event that you’d like allowing SecureAnywhere to create alterations for your system.
  7. To Validate the setup, input your Apple system Document and click on okay.

Android Installation

Download instructions for your Android mobile device:

  1. Be sure to have established your account on the Webroot SecureAnywhere on the Web Portal.
  2. Download Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile.
  3. Following the program will be downloaded and installed onto your own apparatus, log in to Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile together along with your Webroot accounts.
  4. Whilst on your home screen of this program, click on the menu on your own apparatus.
  5. Next click on the choice to Register.
  6. Press the Activate button upgrade to Premier performance.
  7. Input your Webroot key-code and press okay. Your key code is available on the rear of the outside packaging.

Download Webroot SecureWeb:

  1. Download the Webroot SecureWeb app from Google Play.
  2. Following the program is downloaded and installed onto your own device, the password administration works could be obtained by clicking on the key icon.
  3. Input your SecureAnywhere password and username. This really could be exactly precisely the exact very same login which you employ to get into your accounts about the Webroot SecureAnywhere on-line Portal.

Apple ® iOS  Device Installation

Download instructions for your iPad ® , iPhone ® or iPod ® Touch mobile digital device:

  1. Be certain that you have established your account onto the Webroot SecureAnywhere on-line Portal.
  2. Download and then put in the SecureWeb program from i-tunes.
  3. Input your Apple ID password.
  4. The SecureWeb program unlocks and opens onto your own apparatus. After you log out, then You Will Realize the next icon on Your House panel:
  5. Tap this icon to launch your program.
  6. To get Password manager works, tap on the Webroot icon at the toolbar, then tap the login button.
  7. Input your SecureAnywhere password and username. This is exactly the same login which you employ to get into your account to the Webroot SecureAnywhere.

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