6th December 2019

Activate Webroot Using Product Key

WEBROOT is known for its most updated features and strong updates against any type of threats in your  PCs, Mac-OS, Tablet or Mobile device.

Before you jump to the activation process keep a few things in the mind. If you already have Webroot then simply upgrade it or if you have any existing antivirus running in your system then first uninstall it before installing Webroot.com/safe.

Follow the steps below to activate webroot:

1. Go to your web browser.

2. Search “Webroot SecureAnywhere” on your search bar.

3. Hit the Enter button and you’ll get taken to the Webroot installer page.

4. Type 20 digits Webroot Activation Key inside the given box space.

5. Now tap on to the Submit button.

6. The installer will confirm your key. Once the keycode is accurate; Webroot will begin downloading automatically.

7. Practice the on-screen controls for completing the installation procedure.